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A How-to Guide: Stock Photos


Nowadays, we are into the advantage of the internet. The internet has vastly developed and a lot of people are now getting money through internet. With this, photography can also be a way of income to others. Photography? How? To those who do not know this yet, well, this article is for you. You can gain money through photography by selling stock photos online.


Now, what is a stock photo? A stock photo is an image that is licensed for commercial use by graphic designers, website designers, magazines, graphic artists, advertising agencies, newspapers and the like. However, the photographer who sells the photo will still get the credits for the photos.


Aside from stock art photography , we also have the royalty-free photos. Royalty-free photographs are digital images sold for only one-time fee. These images and photos are exempted from royalties or outstanding commission-like earnings in the future.


Now, the question is what type of photographs can be sold online? Stock images that can be sold online are the images we usually capture. It can be a photo of an animal, a person, a house, a building, scenery and so on and so forth. However, these images are categorized according to genres such as sports photography, nature photography, travel photography, medical photography, food photography and the like. Some stock photographers concentrate their photography in a specific genre that they are comfortable with.


Cheap stock pictures are not only photos taken on camera but it also includes computer generated images. These computer generated images include images that are illustrated and modified through photo editing software. Another feature of stock photography is that, it also includes videos, audios and illustrations.


If you are into photography and would want to become a contributor in stock photography, then you better apply as a stock photographer in the stock photography website. When your application is reviewed and they decided to get you in as a stock photographer, you can now upload your photos in various sizes you want. Some websites have preset price depending the size of the photo to be uploaded, while there are also sites that allow photographers to have their own price. For more details about photography, visit http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Photography.


The payment of the photo also depends on the stock photography website you applied. For example, some stock photography website gives 30 cents increase while some stock photography website gives 20 cents increase for each photo you upload. The usual payment structure is like this: The photo that you sent will be uploaded when approved. After that, they will monitor the number of downloads your photo gets. The payment would be twenty five cents per upload. In some stock photography websites, if your photo reached five hundred dollar earnings, they will give you a thirty-cent increase, some websites give only twenty cent increase of payment. This is how online selling of photos works.