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Amateur Photographers on Online Stock Photography Sites


Online stock photography is a business model which allows amateur photographers to earn money from their hobby. Talented photographers can earn significant amount by producing high quality pictures for stock photography agencies.


At present, there are many stock photography sites that are accepting photos from different individuals which they will be promoting on their websites and in return have a share with the revenues that will be received. Generally, stock photography sites allow individuals that are interested to submit their photographs to register for free and then they will have an access to upload quality photos to produce income. However, there are websites that ask individuals to provide detailed personal information by filling up a submitter agreement which will be faxed with a signature on it. This is one of their approaches to limit image fraud on the internet in an effort to protect their buyers and submitter. 


Also, to complete the process of submitter's authentication, many stock photo sites would require interested individuals to pass a professional online test which is a filter technique to verify that everyone that would be a part of their site have all the required skills in photography to produce quality pictures and that everyone understands all rules in the stock commercial photography market. The test is not supposed to discourage the individuals from being a part of the industry but it will just throw some basic questions that gauges the knowledge of the individual regarding the difference between shutter speed and aperture and many more. If they can answer the questions correctly then they would definitely pass this stage.


Members should be careful not to submit images that include any copyrighted material such as company logos, trademarks and brands. Each site has its own standard model release form that individuals have to fill in and send along with each image containing a recognizable person. One should provide a model release for any recognizable person in your image. It is recommended that photographers would download and print model releases for all the sites selected to submit the images. When you shoot a person, one should be reminded to sign him or her on the next model releases. Most sites will also ask the photographers for the copy of model's ID and for the witness signature. For more info about photography, visit https://www.britannica.com/technology/photography.


 Some stock motion agencies require a category for editorial images. Different rules set apply for editorial content. Editorial content can be used only in news and therefore these images do not require model releases and can include any copyrighted material.


Photographers should properly prepare the images before uploading them to stock photo sites which means they need to undergo digital editing. There are many software applications that can help individuals to enhance the quality of the image